withdrawn, but thoughtful Glowborn


Age: 37
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 156 lb
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Pale Green

Kezorn is a withdrawn Glowborn, preferring to keep to his own company compared to that of others. He appears to be reclusive, but travels with him reveal that he is held in high esteem and favour throughout the Sundered Skies. The few that may consider themselves more than acquaintances do so with an unspoken word, a silent connection acknowledging the sacred bond forged only through years of shared trials and tribulations.
Of his physical stature, Kezorn carries with him a limp – the origin of which not many know, and even fewer dare to ask about. His moves are slow, but deliberate… more an indication of the Glowborn he is than the limp that he carries. In times of need however, he has shown a surprising amount of agility that only hints at his once former skills.

known edges:

  • connections: call upon powerful friends
  • ex-courier: gear classed as one Rarity Level lower, +2 to rolls regarding gear transactions, free stays at Navigator Halls
  • quick draw: may draw a weapon as a free action

known hindrances:

  • illiterate: unable to read or write
  • lame: -2 pace, running die is a d4
  • loyal: tries to never betray or disappoint his friends

known stats:

known gear:

  • flintlock pistol

Kezorn’s past is primarily a mystery. He was once a noted courier, and though it is not known why or when he ended his courier days, many believe that his limp plays no small part to that story.

SPOILER ALERT – intended primarily for GM

Kezorn’s parents were originally goblin slaves on a grand orc skyship. For many years they toiled in their labour, living a life no different than any goblin slave. After his mother’s pregnancy was revealed, she was cast aside on “name of planet” and left to fend for herself, never to see her husband again. Left to fend for herself, she did her best but was constantly on the onset of glowmadness.
These were the conditions under which Kezorn was born. His mother, still on the brink of full on glowmadness, feared the worst of what she may do to her newborn son should she succumb to the glow. In a desperate attempt to see that she not bring the end to her own son, she took her own life so that he may have his. Though even then, the glow is not something that a newborn can handle on his own. It is dry likely that only his mother’s own sacrifice and love was what protected him from the flow, and turned him into a glowborn.
He was found by a kind scavenger and, due to his glowborn genes, brought to Freedom Isle where he grew up to an unspectacular youth.

Kezorn skills were naturally tuned to his work as a courier, and he came to great success. Though he never rose through any ranks, he was well regarded by all. His capability was noted by others too… including those that needed more work to be done, though through unofficial channels. This led him to a second world, one with more work, and more exposure to the life that his parents once knew. His side jobs with the underground exposed him more and more to those undesirable characters, those whose abuse of slaves only served as a reminder of the treatment his own parents, and mother must have went through.
However, Kezorn’s days as a courier have since come to an end. Though they say “don’t shoot the messenger”, it works much better in theory than in life. The fated day was on another delivery in the underground, though no dangerous than any other. But the message he carried was one far too despairing for its audience. For no father will take kindly to word that his only son has been targeted by the slavetraders. In a fit of rage, Kezorn’s leg was shot, piercing through his femoral (artery). It was but an accident, and he was quickly cared for…for Kezorn was not one unliked. Despite all the best attempts, he was left forever crippled… and no longer fit for his courier days.

Kezorn now finds himself wandering throughout the land, a mercenary of sorts. He is selective in his jobs, not for want of coin, but for want of peace. His jobs err on the odds and ends, and his history keeps him away from any that may help the slave traders. Though he has no direct affiliation with the Boughbreakers, he is quick to take up jobs that seem to have their signature.


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